MU 201 - 2019 - Sacred and Liturgical Music

General Introduction

LinkTitleDescription Hebrew chant from conference Organum, Marcel Pérès chant from St Gallen & Notker Chant Book - Chapter 1: History of various types of chant

Medieval Polyphony

LinkTitleDescription Viderunt (part) Siderunt Messe de Notre Dame Dunstable Quam pulchrai Ave Maris Stella O Welt

Influence of the Catholic Baroque

LinkTitleDescription, ich muss lassen by Wilten Boys Choir with instruments

Genesis of Hymns

LinkTitleDescription Psalter #1 instrumental version Psalter by Eric Stolz and Friends (many versions)

Anglican Tradition

LinkTitleDescription Allison – Psalm 124 1599 you love me – Tallis alium – Tallis 40 voice motet Ave Verum of Anglican Chant - visit of Pope Benedict to Westminster Abbey 2010

The Renaissance

LinkTitleDescription Missa Pange Lingua Tallis Scholars - entire mass Ave Maris Stella Missa sine nomine “Gloria” with instruments (copy owned by J.S. Bach) Concerto Pallatino Missa Papae Marcelli O Magnum Mysterium Mexican villancicos in Aztec (Náhuatl) language from 1549****Anon: El la don, don Spanish Villancicos 1556 published in Venice

Early Baroque

LinkTitleDescription In Ecclesiis to Carissimi Vespers Lobe den Herrn

The Organ

LinkTitleDescription Echo fantasy - Vater unser Toccata in D minor BWV 565 Toccata BWV 538, Schnitger Organ

Bach and Handel

LinkTitleDescription Wachet auf Cantata
wachtet_auf_chapter_18_outline.docWachet auf detail of Cantata 140 from powerpoint presentation St. Matthew Passion of St. Matthew - German and English Messiah - complete performance

Music in the America's

LinkTitleDescription anthem for Easter Billings ' early American song Chester played on banjo band Charlotte UHOP (United House of Prayer) of Charlotte UHOP Band harp singing Fisk Jubilee singers of early Fish Jubilee Singers - from Smithsonian recording Maria by Franz Biebl Magnum Mysterium by Morton Lauridsen

Classican and Romantic Periods

LinkTitleDescription Creation performed at Esterhazy Missa Brevis Santi Joannis Ave Verum corpus – Choir of St. Stephen’s Vienna Requiem “Lacrymosa” recorded in Poland Alleluia from Exultate Jubilate - Kathleen Battle's Symphony #9 FINALE Ode to Joy with text by Schiller Elijah: Baal we cry to thee Elijah No. 29 'He watching over Israel' A German Requiem – complete performances choir of Westminster Abbey sing a favorite selection from the Brahms' Requiem.