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Introduction Chapters

LinkTitleDescription Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra A Game format using Britten's work - on line from Carnegie Music Hall, NY Person's Guide to the Orchestra Part 1 Michael Tilson Thomas conducts the London Symphony Orchestra -presents main theme and introduces winds and most strings Person's Guide Part 2 Michael Tilson Thomas, The London Symphony - picks up with double bass, followed by brass and percussion and then goes to the Fugue
copland.pdfWhat to listen for (Copland) Composer Aaron Copland talks about how we listen

Medieval Links

LinkTitleDescription Munro plays the Shawm - medieval dance English early music performer demonstrates instruments including an original medieval organ Irae (12th c.) Performed by monks of Abbey of Notre Dame from Hildegard: Ordo Virtutuum Different from text excerpt but Devil still only speaks later in this video Estampie Medieval Dance de Dia: A chanter Secular song with instrumental accompanimentérotin: Alleluia Diffusa Chant - Followed by organum - Then chantérotin Alleluia nativitas Hillard ensemble organum (multiple parts) then chant (at 1:40) then back to organum Quant en moi Motet: two singers with differernt texts

Renaissance Links

LinkTitleDescription Singers: Passereau: Il est bel est bon French madrigal with chickens! Singers: Tanzen und Springing German Madrigal with video of town in Germany sings Dowland Sting, Edin Karamazov and vocal ensemble perform Dowland: Come Again, Sweet Love Kyrie Pange Lingua Mass Kyrie based on chant "Pange Lingua" Miserere Tallis Scholars sing Allegri's Miserere at the Vatican - one of the greatest pieces of the Renaissance Tourdian (drinking song) Krummhorns and Viols El Grillo (The Cricket) Rustic song (frottola). Translation under Show More

Baroque period

LinkTitleDescription Cantata 140 Movement 7 Chorale court version of "Hallelujah Chorus" Coronation of Poppea - selection from text begins at 6:18 Dido's Lament Video fo Famous recitative and aria Canon in D Hornpipe from Water Music's trio sonata Opus 3#1 complete (4 movements) Mvt 2 begins 2:09, Mvt 3 begins about 3:35 Brandenburg Concerto V Mvt. 1 Bach performed on period instruments Koopman plays Bach Toccata in D minor Performance on period European instrument version of Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D minor Great way to "see" counterpoint in the Wind/Nature of things Pipe organ video - goes with worksheet

Classical period

LinkTitleDescription piano concerto #21 movement 2 Vladimir Ashkanazy, piano - begins at 14:50 Quartet Opus 76#3 Third movement Minuetto Clarinet Quintet in A Major, K. 581 - Mvt IV Theme and Variations form Ave Verum corpus – Choir of St. Stephen’s Vienna This is a famous choral work by Mozart - NOT covered in the book but important for you to hear. This is performed in the church in Vienna where Mozart was married. Requiem “Lacrymosa” recorded in Poland Not covered in the book, but part of last work written by Mozart Alleluia from Exultate Jubilate - Kathleen Battle Part of Mozart's Exultate Jubilate - Not covered in the text but a wonderful work.’s Exultate Jubilate part 2 Kiri Ta Kanawa Includes “Alleluia” which begins at about 7:00 minutes in on the clip.'s Symphony #9 FINALE Very end of "Ode to Joy" with text by Schiller. rondo alla turca from Piano sonata #11 Nice recording of famous work with Turkish flavor's sonata pathetique - Third movement
mozartletters.pdfSelected letters by Mozart at various stages of his life 5th Mvt. 2 begins at 8:30, Mvt 3 at 19:15 Mvt 4 begins at 24:21 Waldstein Sonata Performed by Claudio Arrau

Romantic period

LinkTitleDescription Violin concerto in E minor, First movement Elijah No. 29 'He watching over Israel' nocturne Op 27 #2 Schumann Scherzo Opus 10 Waltz of the Flowers from 'Nutcracker'. donna e mobile From Verdi's Rigoletto famous aria sung here by Luciano Pavoratti's The Ring Götterdämmerung Final - Brünnhilde Immolation Scene II Symphony No.4 (1st mov./ first part) American Quartet - 1st movement 4th Symphony 4 mvmt Michael Tilson thomas conducts the San Francisco Symphony - Boris Godunov. Coronation scene. Performed at Russia's famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscowřich Smetana - Má Vlast Moldau (Vltava): City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Great photos of Prague Ravel - Daphnis et Chloë - Suite No.2 ('Daybreak') choir of Westminster Abbey sing a favorite selection from the Brahms' Requiem.

20th Century Links

LinkTitleDescription Wozzeck Excerpt of opera using sprechstimme Stars and Stripes Forever Recording of Sousa conducting his own composition Summertime Famous aria from Porgy and Bess. 1935 opera set in Charleston, SC your head blues sung by Bessie Smith Famous Blues singer – recorded in 1927. Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin Piano 'rag' named for Maple Leaf Club where Joplin played Rondo a la Turk - Dave Brubeck Quartet Piece based on Turkish rhythms from 1959.

Chapter Outlines

ChapterChapter Title
chapter_3.docMelody and Harmony
chapter_5.docOrchestral Instruments
chapter_7.docEarly Western Music
chapter_8.docMedieval Times
chapter_8_chant4e.rtfChant Origins
chapter_8_extra.docAntiphons of the Blessed Virgin Mary
notker_outline.docxNotker Outline
chapter_9.docRenaissance Music
chapter_10.docBaroque Period
chapter_11.docOratorio and Cantata
chapter_12.docOpera in the Baroque
chapter_13.docBaroque Suite and Sonata
chapter_14.docBaroque Concerto
chapter_16.docSonata Form
chapter_17.docThe Concerto
chapter_18.docClassical Opera
MLT_Chapter_18_EXTRA_Classical_Vocal_Music_outline.rtfChapter 18 Extra
chapter_19.docChamber Music
chapter_20.docPiano Sonatas
chapter_21.docSymphony and Beethoven
chapter_23.docEarly Romantic Music
chapter_24.docRomantic Piano Music
chapter_26.docRomantic Opera
chapter_27.docLate Romanticism
chapter_30.docTwentieth Century
chapter_31.docThe Mainstream
chapter_34.docNew Sounds and New Techniques
chapter_35.docAmerican Music before 1920
chapter_36.docConcert Music since 1920
chapter_37.docPopular Music and Jazz to 1950
chapter_38.docPopular Music Since 1950
chapter_39.docMusic for Stage and Film


24_italian_songs.pdf24 Italian Songs and Arias - Medium High Voice
24_italian_songs_med_low.pdf24 Italian Songs and Arias - Medium Low Voice accompaniments for 24 Italian Songs and Arias - Medium Low and Medium High